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On the Cutting Edge of Innovation

Novatrans’ flagship chip, the TeraChip (formerly called Novatron), is the first Terahertz (THz) TeraChip capable of generating and processing waves in the Terahertz segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum has long been considered an elusive link between electronics and photonics, and is intrinsically suitable to many applications.

TeraChip Transistor

TeraChip is comprised of nano-vacuum-photo tube transistors that capture the power of electrons moving freely in nano dimensions between diodes, without generating heat. TeraChip bridges the gap between the vacuum technologies of the past and the integrated silicon chip technologies of today, while eliminating their respective disadvantages. TeraChip’s main advantages include:

  • High Speed – Offers electron transit times at least one order of magnitude better (i.e., 10x faster) than the best semiconductors.
  • High Bandwidth – Opens the THz spectral window (300GHz-3,000GHz) for electronic exploitation and allows radio communication with the bandwidth of optical fiber.
  • Temperature Independence – Avoids the acute heat dissipation problems that characterize high performance silicon devices.

TeraChip is the third breakthrough generation in solid-state electronics. It is the first transistor device and chip to capture the immense power that electrons can generate when moving freely through an obstacle-free path in space.

TeraChip: Beyond Semiconductors

TeraChip is the first cost-effective, commercially-viable, high-performance and high-power Terahertz transistor. TeraChip brings vacuum electronics back to life, and will extend Moore’s Law into a new generation of beyond-silicon processing power.

TeraChip features a revolutionary photo-nano vacuum tube, in a state-of-the-art architecture that harnesses the power of ballistic electrons moving freely between diodes in a frictionless nano dimension, excited by photoelectric effect without heat generation. In addition to generating and detecting superior Terahertz frequencies, TeraChip dramatically increases the speed of data processing and communications bandwidth – with potentially dramatic impact on semiconductor transistors and the electronics industry as a whole.


Novatrans designed and built TeraTool, which offers low volume TeraChip production and fabrication for R&D and FAB-compatibility for manufacturing. TeraChip can be manufactured in partnership with traditional production plants using common processes, since 80% of TeraChip fabrication is Fab Less compatible. Built with an investment of over $25 million, the fabrication tool is an Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) machine in a clean room, initially for low volume production, which is located in Germany.


IBM and Novatrans are collaborating on the creation of TeraRobot for mass-production of high-power Terahertz chips. This joint development milestones-based agreement will create a mass-production tool for fabrication of the high-power high-speed TeraChips. Leveraging IBM’s leading edge wafer-to-wafer fabrication techniques, TeraRobot will facilitate a dramatic reduction in large-scale TeraChip manufacturing costs – expediting the creation of Terahertz applications for major industries.


Novatrans’ first Terahertz system, the TeraSystem spectrum analyzer, produces 1,000 times more THz power than current solutions; inspecting at resolutions 600 times greater – all in a disruptively-priced package 50 times smaller than similarly-performing alternatives.


TeraLab is Novatrans’ direct channel for academic institutions and research labs, providing the THz TeraSystem spectrometer system on as-is basis for research purposes. TeraLab offers high-power (with high SNR) and high-resolution, while still maintaining portability and outstanding cost-performance ratio. Together with its affordable price point, this makes TeraLab ideal for the requirements of academic institutions and research labs.


A third breakthrough generation in solid-state electronics; the first transistor device to capture the immense power that electrons can generate when moving freely through an obstacle-free path in space; a silicon chip containing nano-sized photo-vacuum tubes, in which the transfer of electrons across the device is accomplished in the shortest time physically possible and enables operation at Terahertz frequencies: The TeraChip is the power component that will drive our future decisively towards new-century applications.


A space not occupied; a void of air or matter in an enclosure; an emptiness waiting to be filled and exploited: his innovative approach to painting filled the vacuum that had been prevalent in the art community; the previously uncharted territory of Terahertz power: Novatrans has broken down the barricades of a region which had previously been like a vacuum on the electromagnetic scale, with its innovative, nano-sized photo-vacuum tubes.