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Novatrans Group presents a new roadmap to capturing the last Gap in the electromagnetic spectrum – the Terahertz (THz). Novatrans is an emerging technology company developing next generation hi-frequency and hi-power chips and systems based on THz technology. This noble technology branched out of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and is developed in Israel. The technology carries the electronics industry forward by developing new superfast Novatron transistors encapsulated in Novatrans’ TeraChips that create the THz invisible light. This nanotechnology platform is projected to lead an entire industry which is expected to be at $10-15B in 2025. Novatrans exit strategy will be executed via its vertical applications spin-offs, JVs and industrial clusters.

The THz domain (300GHz -3,000GHz) is the last unexplored frontier of the electromagnetic spectrum – bridging electronics and photonics. Terahertz, which was an unreachable plateau for many years, has finally been conquered by Novatrans’ disruptive TeraChip technology.

Terahertz radiation has unique properties that make it superior and more relevant, for certain purposes, than X-ray radiation, IR, UV, and other spectral frequencies currently in use. Completely non-ionizing and human-safe, Terahertz is perfectly suited to many molecular crystalline structures and easily penetrates most dry substances.

Harnessing THz technology is a game-changing opportunity on a global scale. THz illumination has the unique ability to penetrate common materials and to excite molecular resonance (spectroscopy or imaging) in many components. This makes it intrinsically suitable for a wide variety of applications, including enhancing the inspection capabilities in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Food, Seeds & Agriculture assurance/productivity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Molecular Spectroscopy (materials spectral analysis)
  • Industrial process monitoring/detecting
  • QA/QC and R&D
  • Medical Imaging (in-vivo cancer detection)
  • Pharmaceutical & drugs
  • Homeland Security and Defense


The Terahertz-Powered Revolution


Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Terahertz waves are located between RF-Microwaves and Infra-red (IR) frequencies. This is a spectral window of enormous opportunity that stands to impact a wide array of next-generation technologies, products and devices.

Just as every past breakthrough in electronics has had its wavelength – the Terahertz-powered revolution is poised to impact the future of electronics. Over the last century, scientists have progressively explored and conquered every part of the electromagnetic spectrum, starting with visible light and developing techniques for generating and detecting radiation at both higher (IR) and lower frequencies (RF). As each successive region of the spectrum has been colonized, new technologies have been developed to exploit the newly-discovered radiation. For example, X-rays are used to image unseen. Near-infrared radiation is used in fiber-optic communications and in compact-disc players, microwaves are used to transmit signals from mobile phones, and more.

The Terahertz region, corresponding to 0.03-1mm wavelengths, is the one part of the electromagnetic spectrum that has steadfastly resisted scientific advances. The difficulties involved in making suitably compact Terahertz sources and detectors has meant that the THz region has only begun to be explored thoroughly over the last decade.

Semiconductor devices that generate radiation at frequencies above and below THz operate in completely different ways. At lower frequencies, microwaves and (RF) millimeter-waves are generated by “electronic” devices such as those found in mobile phones. At higher frequencies, near-infrared (IR) and visible light are generated by “optical” devices such as semiconductor laser diodes.

The Terahertz region is known to possess highly desirable properties in terms of the ability to penetrate common materials, to excite molecular resonance in many compounds and to provide intrinsic resolution when employed for radiometric or radar imaging. The Terahertz region is unexploited due to the difficulty of generating power and processing signals at the extreme frequencies involved at a cost-effective way.

Novatrans was incorporated in 2003 with the goal of commercializing the super fast TeraChip transistor, which was invented by Prof. Ron Naaman , Prof, Leeor Kronik and Erez Halahmi from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. As Novatrans evolved, it has developed a Terahertz spectroscopy system (TeraSystem) to facilitate the commercialization of its disruptive TeraChip technology, while building mass-production capabilities.

Novatrans’ strategy is focused on commercializing its technology, while building a strong IP portfolio in Terahertz technology and collaborating with strategic industrial partners in a plethora of industry clusters to develop and commercialize specific THz-based applications and products, in various markets.


One trillion hertz; the last unexplored frontier of electro-magnetic radio wave and light spectrum; a spectral window of enormous opportunity that stands to impact an electric array of next generation technologies, products and devices: Terahertz, that unreachable plateau finally conquered by Novatrans, represents the next terrain in transistor technology.


A luminous or radiant energy source that makes all objects visible to the human eye: the moon cast its pale yellow light, gently defining the contour of the desert sands; a beacon of hope, shining brightly: The Novatron sheds a clear ray of light on the future of innovative, next generation electronics.


An array of light waves or particles that are ordered according to the magnitude of a common physical property, such as wavelength or mass; the band of colors produced when sunlight is passed through a prism, comprising red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet: Listing to the multi-layered nuances of their music was like seeing a full spectrum of beautiful color; a diverse range of varied but connected ideas which tend to overlap so as to form a continuous series or sequence: the broad spectrum of potential scientific and technological applications made possible by the TeraChip point to its immense value in multiple markets.


A rate of occurrence at which a repeating event occurs: the frequency of his visits was most welcome; the speed with which an electronic circuit, device, or system transmits a signal fed into it; a new or unique state of being: the world operates on a whole different frequency when powered by the TeraChip.


Having a sympathetic connection with others: we were on the same wavelength from the moment we met; a specific zone of thought or state of mind; the distance between the peaks or crests of a light wave: The TeraChip transform electronics as we know it, launching science and technology to a whole new wavelength of opportunity.